What our graduates say...

Loved this course. The info and ideas were so helpful during our small reno. On top of that the most valuable thing is access to the Facebook group where there is a wealth of experience. Everyone is so supportive and helpful. It’s like having 24/7 access to a team of mentors. You also get access to discounts that go a long way to covering the cost of the course so you really can’t go wrong investing in the course. Highly recommend.
- Sylvia Sayers

Love Reno School! A really enjoyable experience - easy to read and get into. An awesome amount of knowledge!
- Janelle Johnson

Thanks Three Birds for sharing your experience in creating a dream home! I’m so happy I’ve finished your Reno and Styling school prior our renovation. So much useful information I didn’t know before. Also, thanks for unlimited time access. The Facebook group is amazing - so much information, advice, recommendations, examples. I recommend both schools to everyone who wants to create their dream home! It’s so important to feel happy in the home you live! Thanks, Birds!
- Marina Raikman

I couldn't believe the amount of content in each module...so thorough...and the templates have been a renovators dream and much appreciated by my build team...plus my Beacon discounts alone covered the cost of the course.. just awesome!
- Michelle Scott

The perfect comprehensive course for those of us taking the renovating plunge! I couldn't find a similar course with this kind of depth in the States and have always loved Aussie design, so I was so happy to have found the Birds. I recommend both their courses, as well as their books, for the ultimate inspiration + knowledge package!
- Erica Yamuchi

Thankful to The Reno School... the information helped me turn my vision into a reality! Four years ago when we bought the house, we simply painted this tiny windowless bathroom and walk in robe, and switched out some light fixtures. This year we took out a wall, added skylight, completely re-plumbed and re-wired and created a (Jack & Jill for guests & our son) bathroom of our dreams (this included two 8 hour drives from Chicago to Kentucky to buy the wall and floor tile for $0.89 square foot!)
– Anna-Lisa Horton

Hi Three Birds, Just wanted to send you a massive Thank you for creating such a wonderful online course. I learnt so much and feel so inspired now. And so motivated. You’ve really changed my life. I love the work you do and share with your fans.
– Hadassah Ramsey

Thank you so much for all the valuable information shared. I am also loving bouncing ideas with reno team on Facebook.
– Ellie De'Ath

DA is in! So exciting to finally get the plans off to council. Getting our inclusions list sorted to get to contract. Thank you, Reno school team for all of the info and support to get us to this stage. The modules are great, I didn't know where to start before this course. It was all too overwhelming. I feel confident going forward now, thank you to Lana Taylor, Bonnie Hindmarsh, Erin Cayless, Mariah Colella, Sophie Bell. Thanks to the Reno school facebook community, really appreciate all of your advice and love seeing your projects.
– Lauren Mitchell

Here it is gorgeous girls, the first pics of my Kitchen and house as it turns from a building site into our home. I have to say I’m a little bit proud of myself.. yes that’s the latest Zip Tap with chilled, sparkling and boiling water that Mitchell is drinking out of  I have two integrated fridges on the right and TWO integrated dishwashers. Happy Days! ❤️Lana Taylor Bonnie Hindmarsh Erin Cayless I could not have done it without the Reno School. Thank you, so much. ❤️❤️
– Karen Latters

I did the first intake of Reno School and it’s taken me forever to post these! I can’t thank ThreeBirds enough for the skylight idea. Truly transformational as it had no windows! #foreverbeachflat
– Alison Michalk

Don't ever give up on your dream. I still can't believe this is our kitchen. We designed our house from lots of different ideas and vision board pics. Thank you Sophie Bell, Mariah Colella, Lana Taylor and the rest of the three birds team for your amazing course and fb tips. It has given me the confidence to make my dream a reality! The before pictures couldn't be from the same angles as there used to be a lot of walls in the way, so excited to enjoy an open plan space. A big thank you to all the reno school fb members for your advice and tips, I would never of got here without them. White out!
– Jeana O'Toole

Lana Taylor, Erin Cayless, Bonnie Hindmarsh and Sophie Bell I wanted to say that I thoroughly enjoyed The Reno School course, I have learnt so much, and am even more inspired. I talk about mood boards, floor plans and building tradie teams now. Your participation on this Facebook Group has been amazing, I will be recommending this to all my reno loving friends. I am still annoyed I didn't get the chance to come to Sydney to meet you all in person. Good luck with the second group xx
– Andrea Wilkie

I am having the TIME OF MY LIFE! It's all still repulsively ugly, but honestly, I have never done anything so rewarding - or exciting. This week, I have concreted fence posts, helped frame up new stud walls, confidently instructed our plumbers and sparky to rough-in, and made sure our builder is doing everything in the right order to fit in with the other trades. Thank you Bonnie, Lana and Erin for giving us the confidence to do this ❤️
– Jen Campbell Case

Happy Sunday Reno School. I just thought I’d share the little project my partner and I have been working on (before and afters of how the previous owners had it). We moved into a little 1950’s cottage at the start of April which we plan to do major renovations to in the next couple of years (extension etc.) but in the mean time we gave it a paint and some brand new interiors, changed up the orientation to the previous owners and it’s amazing how much of a change it made! The Reno School definitely helped us get it to where it is now! (P.S how good is White On White Dulux?!) We think we’ll be quite happy here for a little while.
– Jaimiee Wiggins

5 Stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Just soooo much info. And soooo beautifully presented. Can't imagine anyone doing it better. WELL DONE THREE BIRDS!!!!
– Ruby Henson

Hi everyone, we’re nearly done!!! Just some turf and some silicone to wrap up our first full reno. 14 weeks later and not a single surface untouched. I feel so pumped, and so privileged to have access to this extraordinary brains trust. The reno school course gave me confidence to finally take the plunge I’ve been wishing for since I was 21. here’s a quick before and after.
– Jen Campbell-Case

The course was wonderful and our kitchen renovation is nearly complete now! Only tiles, pendants and cornice to go! Reno bootcamp made me feel confident about my decisions. I said to my husband who is a carpenter of 12 years wayyy to many times, “Well, three birds did it”. Here are some before/after (well not completed yet) photos, it’s unrecognizable! There is officially NO mission brown remaining! Will send some proper photos through upon completion when my island is cleaaaarr of builders mess!
– Emily Watkins

I had been following Three Birds Renovations for a while and I have loved your work. I had held off for a while in signing up for the Reno course but after finding out about the 100% refund I enlisted. I am from rural SA so was not sure if the course would help me feel more confident with my first new build. We are demolishing our old shack (slowly sinking no foundations) and rebuilding our forever beach home. I was not very confident that I would be much use in any aspect of the build eg design, colours, floor plan etc but after completing the course I have gained so much knowledge. I have faith in my choices eg flooring colours etc and hopefully will be starting the build in February next year.
– Fiona Ward

Bathrooms finished. A few minor hiccups right at the end - no hot water - but we got there. Would have been lost without Reno school tips ✔️bathroom layout, mitred shower niches, back to wall tub, fluted glass, milli tapware. Thanks ladies for all the amazing advice.
– Kate Ingham

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️The girls were a godsend! Just as we’d started to renovate our first flipper I enrolled to learn so much about... bloody everything! It may not be our forever home but with the girls pearls of wisdom we’re creating something beautiful and we’re so proud of it. We wouldn’t have made half the decisions as quickly or been bold enough to try some of the design choices had I not learnt the three birds secrets. Can not thank you ladies enough!
– Nikki Savaidis

Hey my DREAM TEAM! Please check out these pix. And also, please check out my Insta @miacasabianca for some cool before and afters. Also repost and tag your amazing work! If you’d like to make a time for a tour, and any photoshoots / testimonials you want , just let me know - I am so stoked with the result!! We have thoroughly enjoyed this project of our for-ever-home and are so happy to have been allowed to be so hands-on, but could never have achieved our dream home without the talented professionals we had involved. So responsive, so accommodating and so good at what you do - I cannot recommend you all highly enough. Such heart-felt thanks to Marcel, you are such a great guy and an amazing builder who puts the client’s requirements first and goes the extra mile to make it happen. xxxooo
– Leona Butler

Hello Erin, Bonnie, Lana and team,It was lovely to meet you this morning. I don’t expect you to remember our conversation so to recap - I was in your first reno school class. I use your course to upgrade the rental properties I buy. I forgot to mention that I HAVE made money from your course. For example, in January I settled on a property in South Australia. I spent 7% of the purchase price on renovations and had the property independently valued 17% higher just five weeks later. Instant equity! I was also able to increase the asking rent by 10%. Your course taught me to organise my tradies to renovate in a very short timeframe. Property access, quotes, scheduling... It was all covered. For a $500 investment I’ve saved thousands in mistakes and made tens of thousands on my properties (in equity but it still counts ). These houses aren’t my forever homes and I usually renovate for $25k or less but your course lessons are still applicable. I have another project coming up in six months and I can’t wait. Like you, I love the business of property transformation. So thank you again and keep up the amazing work. I truely hope your business and brand goes from strength to strength. Warm regards, Amber O'Brien
– Amber O'Brien

So happy with my new kitchen !!
– Sandra Hughes

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ The course is a great system to use when renovating. The step by step detailed info is invaluable for people wanting to manage the renovation process. I am a qualified interior stylist that needed more confidence in the building process. Thankyou I would recommend this course 150%. Also Thankyou girls for showing that you are still laughing and your friendship has survived.
– Kym Kitching-downs

Thank you so much for the chance to participate in your course. It was the best thing, I really do hope you ladies will be releasing more ways to get involved and follow you, your all honestly my inspirations.
– Tegan Hopkins

I've loved everything about the school. We are selling and moving to sunny Queensland and possibly renovating our next house. All the ideas I've taken on board and can't wait to get started with our next journey. You girls are such fun and all the information that I am able to pick up from other's in this group has just been amazing. Just finished our house in Hills District for the market and have used so many ideas from others.Thanks again and will keep
– Jo-Ane Coad

First of all I would like to thank you a lot for so much inspiration. You three girls are really a role model for lots of women because you are doing such a great job. I have made your online course because I'm planning to become self-employed in interior design and I profited from the course as an education for this step. I absolutely enjoyed doing the course and I have been looking forward to each new topic. Most of all I loved the styling topic, because this is totally my issue. You should know that also on the other side of the globe your content is very up-to-date and perfectly conditioned. I would do the course anytime again! Also I would be very happy about a certificate (which I'm going to put in my office when I have one first of all). Thank you so much and kind regards from Austria
– Stefanie Redlinger (Austria)

Some feedback. I only just joined up yesterday. Ordinarily I wouldn't have dreamer of paying this to do a course like this but it's my birthday next week and husband looking for an idea - it was an early gift. Can I just say - thankyou! Really loving it. I've watched module 1 and already feel more confident in some of the design and colour choices we made (dark instead of white). Having seen your builds id fallen in love with white and was second guessing our choices but the idea of thinking about "the feel" is actually excellent advice. Also your FB page is wonderful.They are all like minded people who in same ways have similar taste (although we are all different) so it has been excellent already bouncing around ideas. I am very happy.
– Nusha Lavender

Where do I start?? house styling, your personalities, your clothes, your hair!!!! You are all round goals ladies!!!! and super real ❤️❤️ and with 3 kids myself I love that you are Mums
– Olivia Fyfe

I’m an Australian living in Malaysia... (heading back to Oz soon). I love that you’re 3 Confident women, wives & mothers. All of which I can relate to & there is an element of each of your individual style which appeals me.
– Jenny Skyring

⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ best money I’ve ever spent to make my dream home plans come true. I’ve learnt so much from the materials, videos, Facebook lives and more. All easy to digest with plenty of laughs along the way. Everyone who is renovating should sign up!
– Nicola Saltman

I’m Australian, living in Copenhagen, gaining lots of inspo over here for a flip at home
– Carlie Fraser

I’m in Auckland. Agree with what everyone has said. Love your style, how you do things. Its just great having a community to chat to. So often we are going through the same challenges or looking for similar products. It's nice to share ideas and its nice to give back and make suggestions to help others.
– Pamela Lawton

Currently in North Wales Grey Britain caring for elderly mother. I already have 3 daughters so thought it was a good idea to adopt TBR!! To maintain sanity of sorts and as I’m not working I decided to renovate the family home. A 3-storey Victorian terrace located at the mouth of the River Conwy with the backdrop of Snowdonia the other side of the river. I’m used to being surrounded by great women and you continue that inspired feeling.
– David Herbert (first international student)

I'm in London, UK and relocating back to Perth, Australia soon. I love your style and it has inspired me to pursue my dream of buying and renovating a house when we get to Perth later this year. The Reno course has really helped me focus to finish a few ongoing projects around my house in London, we will soon be putting this on the market.
– Alison Huntly

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ This course has been amazing. The level of detail and thought that has gone into the modules has by far exceeded my expectations. Your guidance is invaluable and has reinforced my decision making. You have proven that anything is possible, you just need to ask your team the right questions. The Facebook page has just been amazing, loving the TBR online community and the support it provides. Thank you Erin Cayless Bonnie Hindmarsh and Lana Taylor for putting this together and to Sophie Bell and Mariah Colella for answering all our emails and fb enquiries. 
– Elise Stanton

I’m in Mexico city! 🙂 Love your love for white, your enthusiasm and creativity. Taking the course helped me have the courage to stand for what I want in my house Reno as I had been letting the architect do his style more than mine, because I thought he knew better, and I was not happy with how the house was being renovated. Taking the course helped me have the courage to stand for what I want in my house Reno as I had been letting the architect do his style more than mine, because I thought he knew better, and I was not happy with how the house was being renovated
– Katia Tellez

I did the 1st Reno school and have watched every episode. ..I live in California and I'm renovating in Fairhope, Alabama in the U.S.. I'm the gypsy renovator...done homes all over the States... Oregon, South Carolina, Tennessee, several in Calif. And now Alabama!! I keep telling my builder I'm bringing a bit of Australia to the Eastern shore of Mobile Bay. Also doing my home in Calif. (The beach shack was my obsession and went all white there) Ifeel like I found someone whose design process is like mine and now I don't feel so unusual. Thanks Bonnie for being you! Now I just need a team, especially since I don't like spreadsheets and that side of the process. What a great team you have!
– Dawn Catalina

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐I have been amazed at how much practical info is in this course, over and above my expectation. Answered questions I didn't know who to ask or even what to ask and info I will use in my reno coming up soon. Thanks Three Birds for your practical, inspiring, funny and info packed Reno school.
– Katrina Lockhart

Hello fellow Renovators! I’m excited to be joining you all from the South of France where I’ve just purchased the cutest 4 bedroom home for renovation in the little city of Narbonne. I’ll be renovating as we sift through the course and look forward to seeing all of the inspiration you have to share! Bring on that Aussi indoor/outdoor living and open plan flow to the South! I LOVE your work ethic and style ladies of Threebirds, thank you for sharing everything with us. Kate xo
– Kate Moana Yates

Hana Craig I've done the course and I live in NZ!! It's more than worth it babe. I understand your frustration missing out on the discounts, but The Birds inside knowledge, money saving tips, creativity, inspo... It will only increase the value of your home or reno ten fold. Do it!! (not for the discounts, while i know would be a bonus) but because its worth it in the long run.
– Jo Marshall

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Three Birds Rock. Loved you longtime & love you all the more after undertaking The Reno School. Your beautifully presented modules, easy to follow advice, generosity of spirit to your fun- filled videos & your ongoing Facebook interaction gave us more than we could ever have imagined! Not only are you girls amazing but you have surrounded yourselves with an amazing team. Congratulations on your vision & I look forward to following your journey. You made all of us feel special.
– Fran Drew

I was one of the original people that took the course. I’m currently based in Grey Britain and I’m just about to work on my project. The more time you allow the better your understanding of the project.
– David Herbert

Just finished and loved it and can’t wait to start renovating our coastal home. Very glad I did this course so I can understand the process before I dive in. Well worth it
– Cindy Gudykunst

More practical than the book. More detail. The FB group is great!
– Justine Scott

I've just joined the Three Birds Renovation bandwagon and I would just like to say thank you. Not only have you given me great ideas for my current home renovation but have inspired me to do what I have always wanted to do, study interior design. I have always been too scared to but you have a saying 'don't die with the music in you' and with that you have given me the courage to follow my dreams. I have your book and follow you on insta and have subscribed to your YouTube channel, listened to your podcast and if I didn't own an electrical company with my husband in Adelaide I would be applying for a job with you ladies. So thank you again, you not only inspire me with great homes but so much more.
– @alanalouca

Hi Lana, I wanted to say a MASSIVE thank you to you all! You have worked so hard putting the content together, it is stunning!! I'm so grateful for the course & I've found it so helpful!! I cannot wait to put all I've learnt into practice and I will be keeping an eye out for your flipping course too.
– Dan Meenks

Highly recommend it! I did it as soon as it came out and it's been the best. To have Three Birds Renovations advice is invaluable xx
– @the_jade_bungalow

Agree with all the aboce! And with the discounts th course pays for itself x
– @ericafrenchcable

Worth every cent!
– @woodandwhiterenovations

What I love most is the FB group. It's great ebcause everyone knows where to get everything and saves hours and hours. Plus so inspriational. Nothing like the other ones out there that are too Kmart for me.
– @cococabanavanuatu

The Facebook group is gold - basically like having a whole bunch of experts on hand who have already been there done that, or made the mistakes so you don't have to, or know where to find the exact light fitting you've been searching for. The other thing I think is great (apart from the discounts) is that the Thress Birds are actually involved in the Facebook community, especially Lana. They aren't just the face of a spin-off business being run by someone else. No downside really!
– @ceramity

Definitely worth it, great advice, helps you to be more structured and the support through the Facebook group is invaluable.
– @shellyweez

It is absolutely worth it! Not only for the fact that the discounts you receive through their suppliers covered the whole cost of the course. but the knowledge I gained was so worth it! I made a 90k profit on the house we renovated to sell using the step by step guide on the reno and the
– @emmay1979

Hands down the best money you will spend. I can't even express in words how amazing the course is. The support from the Three Birds is unbeliveable and the Facebook community you become a part of is out of this world. 100% do it!
– @bianca_mulligan

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Ladies this course has given me so much practical knowledge that will positively impact my future renovations. You have saved me time, money and heartache - truly. Loved the online component, it’s really great to be part of a group with instant feedback .
– Hannah Elizabeth Taylor

Absolute must do! The money from the course was reimbursed in just one purchase from the discount we received. We also had a clear view and it wasn't our first reno but still invaulable. The search bar in the Facebook group is something I usedaily as all the things you question, you can guarantee plenty of others have also questioned and there's always the answer you're looking for
– caves.coastal.reno

DO IT!!! Worth every cent! The support and shared knowledge is amazing. Whether you have renovated before or a total newbie, this course is for everyone.
– angela.oliver28

It's amazing worth every cent - the support in the Facebook group is next level.
– candice.shenae.style

Don't reno without the knowledge and tools you'll gain from this course... the budget template alone is worth the cost of the course in my opinion.
– scubaloz

Do it! It's the best thing I have done. The access to the Facebook group alone is worth its weight in gold. I recommend it to everyone who is renovating, building etc. I'm a fan.
– larajforbes1

Loved this online school. Totally worth doing would recommend to anyone wanting to renovate. Love the Facebook group the knowledge & inspiration from this group is fab & with lifetime access I wish I'd done it sooner!
– rebecca_jane_t

Just want to say The Reno School helped us flip our rental so quickly. Thanks Girls. We purchased an old property near the beach and it didn’t have a floor. The place was cream and filthy. The previous owners rented it back from us for some time and then moved out last week. No one wanted to rent it in its current state....So literally in ONLY 7 DAYS my wife and I painted the entire interior, laid flooring, cleaned and cleaned and cleaned while working full time with 2 young kids. We took it in turns working till midnight every night. We can barely move it’s been that way everyday since we started. BUT ...We got new Tennants moving in right now and paying $700 a week.
– Katie Wood

5 stars out of 5!! The content was creative and informative, and written well. The online videos and live chats felt like we got to be a part of something special. Thanks so much Lana Taylor Bonnie Hindmarsh Erin Cayless
– Heather White

Easily a #5!!! So much amazing info that I don't think I could of got anywhere else. The course covered absolutely everything and more. The discounts have also been a great bonus! thankyou 🙂
– Shannon Murphy

Am having a blast still love love loving it.  Have fallen a bit behind.... life, work, kids but the option of go at your own pace is a lifesaver. FB page a great support
– Liz Ostini

Definitely a 5/5. Ive learnt so much and I'm still constantly going back over the content to help with my new off plan build. It's helped me change some key things that I knew nothing about before I did this course. My hubby says I'm addicted lol
– Linda Allen-Zambesi

Definitely a 5 out of 5. Have learnt so much and loved it all along the way. Great tips and practical advice. I am not quite ready to do the big reno yet but have printed everything out so when we are ready my info is all there waiting for me. In the meantime it has given me lots of food for thought about how we want to do things. It makes it so much easier of course when your own taste is the identical to the girls!!!
– Skye Lee

5 stars for sure! Loved every week. So much useful content to get you from start to finish plus it’s written in a fun and understandable way, none of that boring stuff. Thank you Three Birds for creating Reno School.
– Felicity Bozanic

5 out of 5! The course structure was intuitive. All the steps were easy to follow and thorough. And the resources are a fantastic springboard to help guide you on the Reno Journey. Money well spent. Thank you ladies! It has been a delight spending time with you!
– Marija Mustac

5 out of 5. I looked forward to receiving the email every Monday and the content was great, written in a straight forward way that made the learning enjoyable. Thanks so much ladies and I would recommend the course highly. Thanks.
– Deborah Kelly

5 Stars... Absolutely anyone interested in renovating should give it a go and learn from the best! The course paid for itself when I saved over $500 just on tiles alone with our discounts. Thanks so much , it’s been great to be able to talk directly to you Three Birds and to have the group to interact with xxx
– Emma Ramia

⭐️ Amazing, ⭐️ inspirational, ⭐️ motivational ⭐️ creative ⭐️ informative
– Susan McLaughlin

Thanks girls, definitely ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️A beautifully presented course full of insider tips and tricks. The girls knowledge and experience is captured superbly and complemented by their presence and involvement with the group through Facebook. Thanks team!
– Danni Potter

5- really informative and tonnes of information and extra bits. A joy to read each week.
– Frances Armstrong

Five stars! So much fun! Incredibly detailed content. A really responsive, supportive team who are there every step of the way. I really enjoyed all aspects of the course. Thanks Reno School!
– Lauren Mitchell

Full Five F...ing Fantastic!! You can tell I'm a bloke and call a spade an effing shovel!! The quality of content, the openness that each of you have displayed plus a superb behind the scenes team. If it were double the price, the course would still represent value for money. Furthermore, the camaraderie & chemistry between Erin Cayless (the planner) Bonnie Hindmarsh (the design guru) & Lana Taylor (the talkative one & accidental star ⭐️) is nothing short of a pleasure XXX
– David Herbert

Loved it, learnt so much, great Facebook group, great vibe, the 3 Birds were very generous in sharing their expertise. Would recommend it, great investment 5 ⭐
– Mad Gardiner

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ brilliant so enjoyable and beautifully put together. So much info I’m looking fwd to going back over and over the material. And one day putting it all into action to create my dream home. Thank you
– Sally Nielsen

Definitely 5/5 .... Thank you Ladies for going over & above with your knowledge & experience... Your course was definitely so much more than I had anticipated.
– Jenny Skyring

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ very bright and presentable. The templates were invaluable and I’ve used them all. Especially the scope of work, it made my tradies stand up and take me seriously.
– Milanka Meli Abou-Halloun

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5/5 loved every moment of it...Thanks Ladies
– Belinda Bergman

Thank you Lana Taylor Erin Cayless Bonnie Hindmarsh seriously an amazing and realistic way to learn about renovation, girls you are super fabulous, cannot wait to put it all into action.
– Sarah Owen

So, today this course paid for itself, with one use of a discount code! can't wait to share with you guys my finished bathroom, with my hero piece, the amazing bath I bought today from The Blue Room - winning!
– Tracey Lapin

I have had some renovation experience 6 homes in the past I didn’t have a renovations to do as I just sold our last home. I decided to join even just to learn one thing. So glad I did so well planned and thought out thanks Threebirds
– Robyn Gonsior

Hi Ladies, I love you guys and think you do an amazing job. I would give 4.5 out of 5. The one thing I felt that was missing from the course was detailed content on how to choose the right property to renovate if you want to flip houses. I know other courses out there offer this, but I guess they are also a lot more expensive too. I think I just thought this might be covered because you ladies have had so much success with flipping. Nonetheless, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of the course! Xx
– Hollie May

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5 Stars! If you've done lots if Reno's or like me that has the ability but never believed in themselves to do a reno, then I would highly recommend doing this course, it's jammed packed with information and help along the way, the biggest thing for me was the knowledge that gets passed on and the budget template, (that's worth the fee right there!) the FB group page is a great with so many ideas and lots of help from everyone. Looking forward to the master class.
– Iain Morrison

Definitely 5 stars for The Reno School!!Been doing houses for a long time here in NZ. I have to say your knowledge and Reno School is excellent. Enjoyed hearing things from a different perspective, and picked up many new ideas. You think you’ve done it all before, but the sharing of ideas, knowledge and comments is invaluable. Your FB page is excellent too - a great bunch of people, all with the same interests. One of the best things I’ve done in a long time!!!! And very enjoyable.
– Pamela Lawton

I have learnt so much from the 3 of you, I’m inspired & much more confident – so thank you!
– Julie Butler

I’ve just completed the survey and given you all a 5++ - it was absolutely awesome! I didn’t know what a cornice was when I started and now I’m pulling together timelines and budget and creative briefs like a pro!
– Kate Savage

Thank you for my reno journey, I have learnt heaps and feel much more confident in my decisions. I’m sure I will be referring back to the course material many times during this reno and future projects.
– Aimee Woods

it was seriously amazing. It gave me the confidence I needed to trust myself and back myself when making decisions. I have a strong passion for design and construction (my partner is a builder so we’re both equally obsessed) and this course has only made it stronger. Though, i’m not in the process of starting my reno, i feel that when I do i'll be ready and comfortable in my ability to create something hopefully special.
– Sophie Day

Id like to recommend the Three Birds Reno School to anybody wanting to get an inside on design and renovation. I have found it very helpful as an owner looking to renovate my own properties as well as a builder trying to help my clients bring their renovation and design ideas to life. As a Reno Schooler the course has paid for itself in rebates from suppliers alone. The beauty of this course is it is ongoing with the closed forum group and regular video chats with the girls. I have never done a course like this but am very glad I have. I can highly recommend.
– Rod Aulburn

"This was the first large scale renovation we have ever undertaken and being based overseas meant we needed all the help we could get. For us, the Reno School was invaluable as it was a great tool to understand the full process of a renovation (step by step) and the building lingo used. From the outset, we took full advantage of all the useful tools provided as part of the Reno School, including the budget template, real-life renovation examples, practical tips from industry insiders and everything in between. It really was our go-to during the entire renovation process, from the size of the glass panel in our shower to the type of windows we used, right through to Bonnie's styling tips. Even with all of this, the savings we made from using the Black Book paid for the cost of the course multiple times over! " Debbie Wong, Noa by the Sea
– Debbie Wong

"The Three Birds have been so inspiring! I absolutely love their style of simple, minimalism and bold. Without them, there is no way I would have chosen to have HardieDeck for our property - which is such a game-changer. The Reno Schools Facebook page is also most helpful and I love being apart of that group." Tamara Gollan, Aldgate, Adelaide Hills
– Tamara Gallan

"The Reno School gave me the confidence to go ahead with my first renovation. It was insightful at every stage of the build. Thank you Three Birds Renovations." Kristina Hirst, Hamilton, Victoria
– Kristina Hirst

I wish I'd had the Reno School when I first graduated from Architecture! Since completing the course in 2018, I have revolutionised the way I design and detail interiors, material palettes and lighting plans. Working in an architectural studio, there is always more to learn, particularly when it comes to dealing with builders, trades and other professionals. As a young woman, the course has given me more confidence on site to make my design visions a reality without blowing client budgets. Thank you Erin for your amazing spreadsheets, Bonnie for your unique design flair and Lana for putting it all together for us students. See you in the facebook group! - Jess Ryall (@architecturerepublic)
– Jessica Ryall

I live in Nova Scotia, Canada and this course has taught me so much! As a beginner with limited renovation experience, this course has provided me with a step-by-step toolkit for success. The easy-to-read format was key, and the The Reno School Team all seem so approachable. Since three best friends are teaching you, the course is delivered in a professional AND easygoing manner. This course is FUN! As foreign students, we are not eligible for all of the bonus discounts due to shipping restrictions, but DO NOT LET THIS DETER YOU! The material provided in the course is already so worth the investment. ❤️
– Hilary Arenburg Gobien

I live in Spain. The information I got was very valuable. On planning, on how to budget for everything, on how many decisions will need to be made. On how to chose a tradie and how to deal with them. It gives massive inspiration and huge support in the fb group that we can ask for opinions if we are stuck or in a situation where not sure how to proceed. There are some regulation differences based on location. Common building materials and suppliers are different too. Yes I would love if we could also participate in the different offers or competitions but this course which turned out to be much more has already worth the investment and we are still in planning stage only. It really helped my vision and get clarity of what we want so we can accuratly budget and the end product will also be what we set out to be in the beginning.
– Eszter Kovi Kovács

I'm in South Africa. The Reno School has been so invaluable. I've just begun but I've already learned so much! The course covers everything from big picture to tiny detail. It's also super fun and beautifully laid out - makes it easy to access in the busyness of life. So grateful that it could provide a normal person like me so much knowledge and confidence. ❤
– Cate Lear

I’m in the US and definitely got a lot out of the Reno School! So much of the course is valuable no matter where you live - design concepts, construction process, strategy, and honestly just load and loads of tips! Things you hadn’t ever thought of before but learn through the course and think, “Ah, of course! So glad to know that!” I wouldn’t hesitate to sign up for Reno School for a moment, no matter where you are in the world or whether you’re renovating or building new. I’m actually building new and I know for sure that the investment of the Reno School has helped me create a more beautiful and functional dream home. And the Facebook group alone is worth the price!
– Katy DeBardelaben Atlanta, Georgia

Thank you for the modules. The Facebook group has also been a wealth of assistance and knowledge. It is so nice to be a small part of such a wonderful community of people.
– Shannon Morley.

We had an offer accepted on a house yesterday and I’m so excited! It’s a 1930s Californian bungalow and it needs SO MUCH WORK! The front is cute but the back is my blank canvas. I’m using house 9 and Lana’s kitchen as a lot of inspo for the back extension. If it wasn’t for this group and the reno school I would never have had the confidence to take it on or the faith that I could confidently do what I want to and navigate the process. I will post photos and opinion polls on the way but I’m so grateful to be part of this!
– Sophie Wallace

You all gave me a bigger gift today than you could imagine. I’ve had one of the hardest weeks of my life with every aspect being ripped to pieces leaving me both physically ill and emotionally drained. I bought my new house today and the simplest thing - going and buying all my wall and ceiling paint gave me the biggest emotional gift you could imagine. The process of that would have normally been extremely stressful and taken me forever to decide and figure out what I needed (I mean days or weeks, not hours). On a very tight deadline of 40mins (and potentially the last opportunity to do this before being maybe being locked down) I have been able to walk away with hopefully everything I need to have fresh new walls. Thank you to everyone especially those who posted on my question today about what to buy because without this I would have not been able to do it. I said to my husband, that was so much fun buying paint, I would normally have been so stressed. I needed that enjoyable time more than you all know and it has filled my happy bucket up to the brim. I will keep you posted on the progress - but this post was really just to let you all know I am so so thankful for this group and this course... and I am sending you all a huge bucket of positive vibes that you all deserve so much.
– Tiffany Bunter

To everyone on here who has helped you absolutely saved me! Couldn’t be more thankful for you all and this group in general. I haven’t once been stressed about my Reno because of the school and you all who come to my rescue so quickly when I haven’t been given anytime to make - make or break decisions. Saving me headaches, money and making my Reno amazing. The plumber dug straight in to make the long waste drain when I told him all your comments. The husband was sold too. There’s more knowledge here than all the professional I ever ask. Thank you thank you  - I’ll easily choose the one I need from all these resources and I’m not worried about going broke haha!
– Tiffany Bunter

Even though I’ve extensively renovated 6 homes, I still found value! Learning from other pros in the field is always a good idea! One of the most impactful parts of the course, for me, was the idea to create a vision board to define your reno vision up front. I am such a hardcore believer in planning and I found this tool really useful and quickly integrated it into my own process. Honestly, I have created a million mood boards for each room in all of my homes. It’s how I figure out if different elements look good together and are creating the vibe that I want. This is different!
– Leslie Biggley

Life changing course! Can’t imagine my new house without the knowledge I’ve gained during these 6 weeks.
– Marina Shufrin

Thank you Sophie, Bonnie, Lana & Erin for such an amazing course. I have enjoyed it so much & would highly recommend it to anyone looking to renovate. Xx ❤️
– Wendy Farrelly

I have loved doing this course. And I will have finished just in time for settlement on a flip house we bought today. Going to learn all my new knowledge to earn some extra $$$$. Thank you again.
– Lynne Campbell

Wow that time feels like it has flown! So loved all the information - & I have learnt so much in the time (plus this awesome fb group). Thank you so much - cannot wait to get saving & planning further & put all this info into action.
– Jaime Crilly

Gone through the entire 6 week course and every single youtube video on the Three Birds Reno. Took me two months to get through and I absolutely enjoyed it! Now I just need find me a Bonnie and a Lana and I'm all set for my reno journey. Wish me luck pls! #ImallErin This course is bloody Amazing!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Thank you so much Three Birds Renovations Bonnie, Erin & Lana. I cannot even imagine the mammoth effort you have had to put in to compile this course. #JustGrateful ☺️
– Nithya Remesan

"Reno School gave me the confidence I needed to see this renovation through from start to finish and I always felt supported. I had every piece of information I needed at my fingertips. And if I couldn’t find it, I could ask the Reno School Facebook group and there’d always be someone willing to help. It really is a great community to be a part of. If I had to choose the best thing I learnt, it would be the importance of creating a vision and sticking to it. What amazes me is how much of an impact your vision board can have. It was my greatest asset. I always meant to go back and refine mine more but never got around to it - so make sure you get it right because literally everything on mine came to life! I didn’t use any of the Reno School Supplier Discounts as we were in France but I felt like I got my money’s worth after the first week from the information alone. I read ALL of the bonus content. Every word was gold to me. I’ve recommended Reno School to everyone who has ever asked questions about renovating or joining - even ones who didn’t ask (lol)! A lot of them have gone on and signed up and I can’t wait to see what they do with their renovations. I’m looking forward to doing the course all over again myself as a refresher."
– Kate Yates

For me it was the FB group. To be able to ask questions on paint colour or tile finishes or house plans and have heaps of really relevant advice within minutes saved my sanity more than once. My builders were self taught local men and sometimes things didn’t go our way. But someone on the group always knew how to fix or finish whatever it was.
– Jonica Bray

I had loved following along the Three Birds renos and loved the simplicity of their style. I wasn't sure what to expect when I signed up but saw there were discounts at some of the suppliers I was thinking of using and thought "Why not? The course will pay for itself if I use the discounts and I might just learn something too" . Well...did I learn something or what. The course was life changing for our renovation. It taught me to forward plan, both in terms of our vision for the house but also in terms of making selections upfront and locking in decisions early. It also gave me the confidence to make those decisions and stick with them. This helped us in providing detailed scopes of work to builders to quote, gave us courage to keep searching when we were struggling to find a builder who ticked all the boxes for us and the conviction to stick to our vision. As a result we were able to lock in our Dream Team builders, come in on budget and see our vision come to life. And we did it all from 800km away, during a pandemic...The course fee was honestly the best money we spent on the entire renovation and has paid for itself time and time again.
– Julie Grainger

I’ve been a Three Birds fan for a very long time and because I was always talking about them Pete surprised me with the February 2019 intake as a Christmas present. It was the best! It helped me focus on my vision for this project and how the project would suit our lifestyle, the design aspect, colour palettes and styling. Worth every cent! I love how user-friendly the course is and how the girls share all of their real-life experience with their projects, which are absolutely top notch!
– Amanda Henderson

I just have to say THANKYOU to the Three Birds Team, its only module 2 and I have to say this is the best thing I have done this year, by far!! I love the Reno School group xoxox Everyone is so supportive and Fabulous!! I thought I was way out of my league joining but you all have brilliant ideas and even some creative ideas that get a girl inspired!! I just LUV IT !!
– Deborah Humphrey

THANK YOU Three Birds for all the amazing templates, advice and tutelage in this amazing course. I’ve just received another email from a tradie expressing how refreshing it is to have a client who not only knows exactly what they want, but can list out a job spec in exactly enough detail to allow them to accurately quote. This is the fourth time I’ve had this feedback from the scope of works template so I wanted to pass it along and reassure anyone not yet sure if they’ll use the templates to do so. I made a few small alterations to it to match my knowledge levels (low) and my personality (not very formal) and also my relationship with the tradies but only minor amendments really. Thank you Three Birds x
– Jen Campbell Case

I found you your TV show through google and then was hooked. I had brought your book before signing up for your course but it only arrived on Thursday. If I can I’d still love a discount. The course has been really good (still week 1) and I don’t think I could have arrived at a style “Create Scandinavia inspired, soft industrial” without it so quickly! Three Birds is to home reno what Marie Kondo is to tidying up - life changing. We’ve had to delve into who we are as individuals and as a family to get to our #creative sanctuary. Looking forward to the rest of the course.

Here is my contribution, to what I have learnt from the Reno School. I have been crushing on Bonnies house for years, visiting, when you opened it to the reno school students, what a treat. You will probably notice a lot of take offs, I feel this is only fair, as you Aussies, stool the pav and pineapple lumps. I had a absolute ball, doing your reno course and putting into practice what I had learnt. Pushing the boundaries of the NZ contractors, I am sure they are sick of me saying “but, The Three Birds can do it?, so why cant we???” the A team, got there in the end. We are one week away from getting landscape finished, styled and professional photos taken, which is a buggar, but I thought I didn’t do too bad of job. Keep up the fabulous work. Hanging out for house 12.
– Melissa Savage

Three Birds is to home renovations what Marie Kondo is to tidying up - life changing.
– Lara Adams

Hello! I’ve come back to complete the styling school after doing the Reno school last year and loving it! Just thought I would share my vision board and how much it has evolved since the first one I did during the Reno School. It’s crazy how we adapt and evolve our sense of style over time. Thanks for being my guiding light and helping more than you know with our build.
– @its_ashawthing

Reno School was my go-to guide for our reno. All the tips gave me the confidence to make the big decisions. When I decided to do a pink kitchen (which saw many eyebrow raises from our trades!), I knew exactly what I needed to do to choose the perfect pink. In Reno School, the Three Birds teach how to paint big swatches and try them in your space so, I went to the newsagent and bought huge A2 card and painted sample swatches to get the full effect of the colour in the room. The Facebook group was especially helpful with everyone sharing lessons and I love when Lana and the girls check in with their wise words. The floor plans from the Three Birds houses were a great help to get ideas for layouts as well as all the tips and tricks I kept referring back to as we went. We used the James Hardie Reno School cashback offer to save us some money on all our gorgeous cladding too.
– Lucy Miller

Thank you so much you gorgeous Birds! I have logged in and I just want to say it has been a real pleasure following along on your journey since the very start. The information from the first ever “Reno School” still delights me to this day and I even printed the whole thing off so I could have hard copies to refer to (yes, I am old school :P) I also signed up for the recent Styling School and that too is incredible content. I truly love what you all do and I thank you from the bottom of my heart from you open and honest sharing. Regards Dee Pease Bright, Victoria
– Dee Pease

With 23 years of Property Development under my belt and having developed units, townhouse, light industrial, commercial etc, I was always developing projects, building from the ground up, yet never renovated anything. I have my fair share of investment properties and again, they are ones that didn't really need any "renovation" done to them. Mid way through 2020, in the thick of COVID, an opportunity came about for me to renovate a 70 year old, council condemned house. Like anything we do, we need to know our craft before we can even attempt it, so with that in mind, I signed up for The Three Birds Reno School and 6 weeks later, I was applying all that I had learnt into this home. Let me walk you through it. I have learnt so much from this 6 week course and implemented everything they said. So worth the money.
– Tam Wrigley

We.Are! The pointy end of our Reno. Gyprock starts this week, kitchen hopefully in by end of March and all the other little bits in between. Couldn’t of done it without the Reno School. The confidence & knowledge that this course provided me has been invaluable. Particularly in a somewhat male dominated world, I’ve found my voice and love being able to refer back to the online information to confirm what I’d already had in my mind. I tend to walk into meetings now saying “What would Three Birds do?”  Grateful is an understatement.
– Sarah Kinter

Thank you everyone for your positive thoughts - honestly this facebook page is better than a $200/hr therapist!! Everything else about the renovation I have adored and been so proud of (#thankyourenoandstylingschools) but this has just taken the wind out of my sails.
– Kelly Williams

Thanks to the Three Birds course I had the confidence to renovate my tired old 60's bungalow in Sydney's south. My husband wanted to knock her down and build a project home. I am so glad we decided to tackle it ourselves. We recently sold and starting a new project in Sydney's east. The supplier discounts really helped stay on budget.
– Jacinta Allardice

I have been quietly working away at my reno while getting so much inspiration and advice from afar from this group. I did the course in September along with a Sketchup course last year to plan it (which got me through the long Melbourne lockdown) and I was able to present my ideas so clearly to my tradies. The reno school gave me the confidence to project manage it myself too. I can't wait for my next round of renos which will be bathrooms. Before photos at the end to see what I started with. I'm so pleased with how it has come together and I wanted to share it even though I am super nervous to!
– Cassandta Assimo

First time posting...we just finished renovating an investment property in northern NSW and popped it on airbnb yesterday. Long time followers of Three birds and the book, YouTube videos and Reno school all gave me so many tips, inspiration and confidence. When the builder asked what paint I wanted, I didn't hesitate... Dulux white on white for our coastal first time Reno Thanks three birds! I'll be posting more on @villacabarita on insta, still to do the back yard which is a big job!
– Sarah-Jane Campbell-Page

I just did my free beacon lighting design and consult via zoom (thanks to lockdown). I was very impressed. In the past i would never have paid to do something like this, however i found it so useful. The consultant was very knowledgable and pointed us in the right direction for what we needed in particular areas. The consultant spent over 2 hours with us but I think has saved me countless hours of research. Highly recommend taking the time to do this. Thanks Three Birds Team!!!!❤❤❤
– Linden Connell

Thank you Three Birds Team for the confidence to renovate to sell. Two week makeover and sold in a week. Exchanged just before lockdown. A RECORD $price$ for the building
– Tara Richardson

Thank you! I could not be more grateful for The Three Birds and this amazing group. Watching all of you do wonderful Reno’s is such an inspiration. It gave me the confidence to start updating our stairs. You might have seen me post about them before, to get help in how to make them fit in with my Hamptons vision board. I had never picked up a tool or attempted to renovate anything before joining this group. And now I’ve got the confidence too sand, tape, paint and spray. Why can’t I do it myself?
– Kate Stibbard

Moving back in this week! Couldn’t have completed such a major reno without this course and The Reno School FB group. This reno did bring on labour early, however you have been there every step of the way and so encouraging. Thank you to all of you. Next project is our granny flat at the end of the video. Full before and after pics: Instagram.com/the_skyline_reno
– Michelle Wharton

I just have to say... the courses are fantastic and great value but the FB group are damn priceless...to have the knowledge and opinions of thousands is incredible and I really don’t know how I’ve done 2 previous renovations without them...I now feel like I have 12.6k designers/stylists...LUCKY ME!
– Penny Harley-Gretton

The three birds discount at Beacon works for lightbulbs too! Thanks for the savings - my lights are in yay!!
– Jessica Ryall

So proud of our recent reno, couldn’t have done it without Style school and Reno school such great advice and hot tip!!!! Now to style my beautiful new home.
– Leanne Thompson

To all 86 of you who encouraged and commented on my last post 08 May re my disappointment with the mosaic feature wall tiles. I have taken a lot of your advice and completed the styling. I decided not to cover the wall with mirrors or art but embrace it and yes I am beginning to love them. A lot of you suggested black taps (which I agree with ) but that would have meant changing all the tapware and chrome in the rest of the bathroom. So here is the finished room and thanks again for taking the time to help.
– Carolyn Ryan

watching what we are up to. Today someone actually said ... I see your Hamptons vision. I couldn't have been more proud. From being the eyesore of the street to the house everyone comments on. Thank you Three Birds❤
– Shireen Horgan Dunshea

First order of tiles have arrived thank you three birds for the discount at tilecloud, we saved so much.
– Ashlee Jaenke

I am so grateful for this group and the three birds, how inspiring you all are and how much I have learnt since joining... A few months ago I wouldn't have looked at this home twice thinking it was too much work for us to take on... Now I saw potential written all over it.
– Julie PerriWalter

Hey Reno schoolers, it’s been a while between posts for me but just thought I’d share a little remodel of our Master bedroom that we undertook over the past three weekends. We removed a large old built in cupboard which took up much needed Bedhead wall space and replaced it with a new board and batten feature wall to complement the rest of our home. I know it’s not much but since the main focus of our reno has been our exterior it was fun to finally get to work on the inside and reasonably easy. I have shared a few pics of the process and the room before which wasn’t all that bad but Bedhead up against the window didn’t do it for me.
– Danielle Maddalena

When you get your Beacon Lighting quote back and the Three Birds discount is applied.
– Charlotte Hood

You girls have been with me every step of the way in this build through reno school. I stand by every decision I make with 100% confidence and always refer back to my vision board, I’m kind, considerate and love our tradies, but won’t be walked all over either! So thank you to Bonnie, Erin and yourself for helping me bring our dream home to life, and for helping me enjoy the process so much along the way too ❤️
– Courney K Barker

The Reno school is definitely worth doing whether you’re building, renovating or just interested! It goes into so much depth and has made me so much more confident with our new build!
– Kayla Griffiths

awesome. love these girls and their go get them attitude
– Amanda Vaughan

Absolutely loved being apart of the Reno School course. I learnt SO much and saved more than it cost me to join the course! Thanks so much.
– Jessica Marchioro

This course has hands down been a Godsend. Aside from the actual course the Reno Facebook group is my go to for all my reno questions. The course reference material has been my trusty companion through the design and planning phase and now we have our trusty builder we are about to embark on the construction phase. I even loved it so much I went on to complete the Styling course as well.
– Natasha Oldham

Absolutely loved this course, people always ask me if it was worth it and "100% yes" is my answer. I have just finished the final orders for my bathroom reno and cannot wait. It has given me the confidence and direction to make all the decisions I've needed to without second guessing every one of them. The Birds really drive home the importance of vision boards, we are all aware these exist but who actually does one? Well the difference that made to me and my decisions was invaluable. There were so so many take aways but this was one of my favourites for keeping me on the right path ❤❤
– Alicia Prosser

Love this course! You get so much out of it. It’s definitely worth every penny. I’ve yet to execute any of the things I’ve learnt since I’m not doing a Reno yet but when that time comes around, I have no doubt this course will be a lifesaver. Highly recommend x
– Chermaine Tan

It’s so nice to have TBR to go back to for reference, ask questions, check if you’re just being pedantic, or if it’s like mine, what to do in the event your house turns from Reno to knockdown rebuild. I’ve learnt so much!
– Lisa Tobin

Different modules to refer back to at a later stage and having the option to print out modules that I need at the stage of my renovation.
– Derek London

Completing the Three Birds Reno School was fantastic! I learnt so much I could take into my new build. The online community is super helpful and an absolute fountain of knowledge. We can’t wait to share the final results! I would highly recommend The Reno School to anyone looking at building or renovating.
– Keira Temesvary

Absolutely loved the reno school course - it’s the best thing I ever did to learn about renovating! Our beautiful new home is a credit to the Three Birds resources and their network of supportive followers. Thank you all so much, highly recommend!
– Deb McNee

I loved this course, it has been invaluable for planning our latest Reno. I’ve learnt so much about the little details such as skirting and finishes. The discounts don’t hurt either. The Reno School Facebook group has been a great distraction during lockdown providing lots of different perspectives.
– Katrina Barraclough

Absolutely loved the course and all it’s content. I had already built a new house before the courses started, but I knew we were going to build again and there is always more to learn! Everything from floorplans to choosing white paints to styling is so helpful. Even 2 years later I’m still using the FB groups for chats and sharing of information and I’ve also just put in for my cash back from James Hardie, what’s not to love about the Three Birds, don’t hesitate join up now, you won’t regret it! ❤️
– Kelly Allen

I would highly recommend the Reno School. Lots of helpful information and a great Facebook support group with ideas and a place to get inspiration on what other past students have accomplished.
– Tarrah Vanderstok

I would highly recommend the Three Birds Renovations - Reno School. Not only has this given me incredible insight into the otherwise seemingly ‘mysterious’ process of renovating, it’s extremely relevant for new builds too. This course also gave me the confidence to take that next step and I can’t wait to see the final result!
– Jordy Christensen

As a newbie, renovating seemed so overwhelming but with the Reno School I've learnt so much about process and design, and gained confidence with engaging contractors - made my day when a builder asked me "have you done this before?" #worthit ! Content is super digestible, awesome supplier discounts and a kickass facebook community to boot!
– Anjelica Petit

Absolutely loved the Reno school. By far my favourite module was Bonnies styling one. It’s perfect for people looking to upgrade their existing home or those looking to build from scratch. Highly recommended!
– Elise Marie Warner

Absolutely loved Reno School. Would highly recommend to anyone whether you are looking at re-decorating, renovating or a total new build. I found the budget worksheet super handy so as to not miss all those little items that quickly add up. Plus the voucher codes you receive for supplier discounts far out weigh the cost of the course by far.
– Melinda Wells

I absolutely loved everything about this course. It was so helpful in pulling together our renovation plans. So many helpful tips and laid out in a way you can easily follow, they simplify the process so it doesn’t seem so daunting. Can’t wait to get started on the renovation now!!!
– Tess Thomas

Loved The Reno School course. It's been my go to as I'm embarking on my build process when I need to clarify particular details. I love how it's structured and the way it's written really makes you feel like you know Erin, Bonnie and Lana and that they're helping you through the journey. I will also have to say the connections you build through the course with the voucher codes and the facebook group are second to none, it's such a great community to be a part of! ❤
– Kathy Song

I loved the Reno school. It taught me how to approach a Reno or new build from scratch. It gave me confidence to make my plans really my DREAM plans and I’m about to embark on making them come true! Can’t wait to share how we go with the amazing community!
– Samantha Osborne

Three Birds are nothing short of AMAZING! I love love loved the course! Trying to manage a renovation (on a house we still haven't seen as bought it from overseas) in the middle of a pandemic whilst working full time and homeschooling 3 little ones also (thanks Covid!) was a challenge HOWEVER the Three Birds course was a godsend and made it so much easier! I also love the access to the FB group as its such an amazing group of supportive, like minded women who help advise, guide and recommend also. LOVE the Three Birds!!!!! Such an amazing trio of inspiring business women with the fun, positivity, creativity and business acumen to back it up!
– Sarah Laventure

Absolutely loved the Reno School! I decided to do this during lockdown as I couldn’t stop watching their YouTube channel and was obsessed with their work. It’s incredibly detailed and will save us a lot of money along the way when we finally get round to renovating
– Carla McGarry

We would recommend this course for our original vision board we worked on it together! And it has dead set saved so many fights as through all our decisions we went back to the board haha. So thank you three birds for a brilliant course we learnt so much!
– Kimberley Winter

After building/renovating for 25 years, and having taken a design course, …I can honestly say The Three Birds Reno School has been the answer to putting all the important stuff in one place!
It clarified so many issues that constantly arise and wow did I learn a few things. It’s so important to have that vision board and a great plan. I also found myself looking at spaces and taking a chance with tile, and more modern selections that really are fun and make a room look and feel so comfortable and interesting.
The Reno Facebook group is there to share and help the whole way and I absolutely love it!!
– Bonnie Pineau

Excellent information and real life examples. Thank you for expanding my knowledge and creating the community on Facebook. The shared highs and lows of renovating and inspirational stories of fellow birds is the absolute best. Thank you!
– Sam GW

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ I absolutely loved the course! So informative and fun! You have covered all aspects of the renovation process so thoroughly. I feel so empowered to take control of our next project from everything I have learnt. You ladies are amazing! I absolutely adore and thank you x
– Lauren Boulter

Dear Bonnie, Lana and Erin - I’ve been reading about your recent graduates and I thought it was time I put fingers to the keyboard to tell you about my journey, as a student of the first ever Reno School. A few years back I was made redundant after many years of working as a school librarian. In the beginning I was heavy-hearted about leaving a job I loved and quietly frightened about what the future held. As a woman of a certain age, I knew it was going to be very difficult, if not impossible, for me to ever work again in my profession. My husband and daughter were my support team and inspiration. They basically said, you now have the freedom and importantly, the time to purse your dream. So with this backing I found the courage to start and make my dream a reality. I had always wanted to set myself up in business and work from home. For a long time I had been visualizing and collecting ideas on how I would renovate our beach shack down the coast. It had been rented out for most of its life and was in a sad state. With my redundancy payout I made the decision to put the funds towards restoring our 70s gem. I wanted it to be a restoration that honored the house’s history. Also, it needed to be purposely designed as a year round holiday let. Simply, for my business to be successful it would have to be attractive to prospective guests summer and winter. The beach shack was my fifth Reno, but it had been ten years since my last project. Because of the redundancy and changes in the building industry and its related technologies, I had lost confidence and felt ill equipped to take the job on without updating my skills and knowledge. I had been following Three Birds Renovations online for a few years before the Reno School was launched. As any good librarian would do, I thoroughly researched what the course offered and if it was the right fit for me, personally and for my business. Today, I can say that without a doubt, it has been one of the best investments I have made. Enough of the chat, I think the attached pics will speak for themselves. I hope you’re as proud of the finished product as I am (and my husband and daughter!). The Reno School was there to guide and up-skill me in everything I needed to know and do to make my Reno and ultimately my business, a success. It has been an empowering experience as well as a lot of fun. I can’t thank you enough. Kindest regards and best wishes - Mary Course Ah Ha moments :
• Build a positive and respectful relationship with ALL your tradies and suppliers. I nearly didn’t pull this off when I took my rescue dog Cricket, on the first ever meeting with our builder. On arrival, Cricket promptly bit him on the calf. All I could think of was what would Lana say? As a result, Cricket was banned from the construction site until the house was completed.
• Pick and plan all your fittings (lights, powerpoints, etc) early in the piece. In fact, it is never too early to start exacting where you want those pendants to hang, do I need 1, 2 or 3 powerpoints in the queen bedroom, etc, etc. This paid off for me again and again in dealing professionally with my tradies. My Sparkie was wishing all his clients were as prepared – quite a compliment from a man that has been on the job for decades.
• Keep a lid on and track your expenses using the Reno School’s budget spread sheet. Did I go over budget? Of course. However, the difference was I was able to accurately pinpoint where the extra expense came from and justify it. Very important in maintaining that relationship with your accountant and bank!
• Plan, plan, plan. If you don’t, variations to contract will blow the budget to mars.
• The vision board. Make it personal, authentic, game and brave, and do it on whatever and wherever it works for you. Mine was plastered all over my office wardrobe door. A couple of personal tips :
• Buy local if you can, especially if you live in rural or regional Australia. Whether it’s tiles, window coverings, the kitchen fit-out, white goods and eventually the beds you’ll need to sleep on. For me, it is a more personal experience and financially, it helps support my community. My favourite is to seek out local bricks and mortar shops with an edgy style, as well as family owned businesses.
• When the job is finished and you have that big satisfied smile on your face, go back to your tradies and suppliers and thank them. I emailed my gratitude with copies of before and after photos. Many immediately replied with sincere appreciation, which I found humbling. The unexpected flow on from this has been: - the back deck was nominated for a national prize to be announced in August - the window supplier has photos of the house in their showroom and - many of the said photos are now in the brag books of my local suppliers.
– Mary Owen