Creative dreamer

When it comes to renovating, your superpower is your creative mind. You’re playful and spontaneous with an incredible sense of style. #swooning

Pair those traits with your Personalised Success Plan, and you’re poised to make the leap from the Dreaming to Planning Phase of your renovation!

Discover Your Strengths and Stumbling Blocks As a Soon-To-Be Renovator, so You Can Move Forward with Confidence

Renovation Strengths

You’re a walking, talking Pinterest board. Inspiration comes easily to you, and you have a mag-worthy sense of style.

Your optimism allows you to move through challenging situations, like a cracked foundation or unforseen water damage with grace #unbothered

You’re a world-class multitasker and are poised to keep all your renovation plates spinning.

When something sparks your interest, you give it your all, learning everything you can and putting it into practice.

You’re playful, high-spirited, and naturally likeable – you can befriend just about anyone, including your tradies #bestboss

Renovation Struggles

Boredom? No, thanks! When you lose interest in a task, you may be tempted to cut and run #maybelater

You get SO excited to share your ideas that you may speak over others and struggle to take feedback on board.

Logistics aren’t your jam – you may procrastinate on budgeting, planning, and scheduling your renovation.

You tend to choose dreaming over doing, which, without time management, may slow your dream home progress #toolittletoolate

You love crossing tasks off your to-do list. So much so that you may rush through them, leading to costly mistakes.

Beautiful messes, diving into the deep end, interior design magazines, spontaneous dance parties, and vision boards with a gorgeous vibe

by Mariah Carey

Now that you know your renovator type…

You may be wondering:

“Okay, but how do I make the move from Dreaming to Planning?”

That's where your


comes in!

It’s no secret: renovating can be a bit overwhelming. BUT, when you know exactly what to do in exactly what order to do it, it gets a LOT easier.

Based on where you’re at, here’s what you should do to move your project forward with as much ease as possible:

Define your renovation vision: Let’s get this reno party started by outlining your hopes and dreams for your new home.

Create your vision board: Your board is your bible to success! Is a sneak peek of what your Dream Home will look like.

Create your ultimate to-do list: It’s going to be a long list to get from drab to fab but don’t cut corners.

Work out your budget ballpark: This is what you can afford to or would like to spend to achieve your Dream Home. Your actual budget will need some more work to compile by getting quotes down the track.

Review if you want to knock-down or rebuild: Is your home ripe for renovation? Or better suited to detonation? It’s time to decide.

Start documenting your fabulous floor plan brief: How many bedrooms, bathrooms, and living spaces do you dream of? Now’s the time to collect all your ‘must-haves’ and ‘nice-to-haves’ in one brief.

Work out what approvals you need: Check out your local council website for the relevant planning requirements in your area.

Decide if you need an architect or draftsperson: If you’re building from scratch or changing rooflines and structural elements, you’ll likely need to employ an architect. If your project is less complex, a draftsperson (or building designer) might be right for you.

Create a detailed scope of work brief for your architect or draftsperson: This brief details all the work required to allow them to provide an accurate estimate or quote.

Get 3x quotes for your future architect or draftsperson and interview them to find your perfect match: Word of mouth, local Facebook groups and Google (eg. draftsman in your location) are great places to start getting recommendations for architects or draftspeople.

Select your architect or draftsperson: Invite them to join your Dream Team.

After checking all these boxes, your dream home will no longer be “just a dream” 🎉 You’ll be ready to receive your first round of plans from your architect or draftsperson and start taking action!


Keep your eyes on your inbox! We’re sending you a printable version of your Personalised Renovation Success Plan Checklist to help you set frustration aside and move forward with confidence.

Hang On a Minute!

Who Are the Besties, Busy Mums,
& Renovators Behind this Quiz?

Hey, lovely!

We’re Bonnie, Erin, and Lana, founders of Three Birds Renovations.

Best friends for almost 20 years, we’ve seen each other through all the ups and downs of life: meeting and marrying our husbands, starting families (we have nine beautiful children between us) and juggling busy careers.

But in 2014 we took a leap of faith together, quit our jobs and created Three Birds Renovations in pursuit of a more fulfilling life working for ourselves, doing something we love and with more family time. Within a few short months we had successfully bought, renovated and sold our first property.

Fast-forward to today and we have transformed 15 houses (and counting!), learned more than we ever could have imagined and poured all that hard-earned knowledge into our online courses, Three Birds Reno School and Three Birds Styling School.

We’re so proud and excited that we now have tens of thousands of students from over 60 countries now designing and styling their homes using the knowledge they’ve gained from our courses.

We are constantly humbled by our amazing followers on Instagram and YouTube and honoured to have had the privilege of having our homes appear on the covers of some of our favourite glossy mags. Our two best-selling books are available globally.

Here’s to making your Dream Home happen.


Before you spread your wings and take flight from dreaming to planning, let’s double-check you have everything you need to make this a smooth renovation.

There are two questions we have ALL our Reno School students ask themselves from the get-go – before creating their Vision Boards, let alone their Ultimate To-Do Lists:


How Do You Want to
Feel in Your Home?


What Things Make
You Feel That Way?


Because they are essential to pinpointing what you really want, and, without that, creating a home you LOVE, a home you can’t wait to show off – isn’t easy.

This FREE questionnaire is designed to help you find the answers to those two questions and many more. So you can leave self-doubt at the door and move forward without wondering,

“Am I making the right choice?”

Inside, you’ll hone in on your reason for renovating, start sourcing inspiration, and define the look and feel of your new home. #peaceofmind #yesplease

You'll Love the Renovation Process as Much as You’ll Love Your End Result

There’s SO much more where that came from…
With the right guidance and wholehearted support, anyone (including you!) can create a gorgeous home – a home that makes you feel like you’re on holiday 365 days a year. #beachhousedreaming
And we’re here to help you make that happen… with as little frustration, overwhelm, and stress as possible! 
We want you to enjoy the renovation process as much as you’ll enjoy sipping cocktails with your bestie in your end result. (It’s possible – we promise!)


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